The new rules of modern restaurant etiquette, do you agree?

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The Independent ran a piece today  about modern restaurant etiquette ,  (for diners and restaurateurs.)
e.g. for Diners
4. Thou Shalt Not Do a Stupid Squiggle in the Air

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 09.08.11Once, to ask for the bill, you snapped your fingers and yelled, “Garçon! LaddEESHee-on!” Now you sketch a rudimentary signature in the air with a languidly imperious hand. Waiters are liable to ask if you’re having a fit. Just call one over and say, “We’d like the bill please.”

…. for Restaurants

1. Thou Shalt Not offer Only One Dish
Steak-only restaurants are just about OK. Schnitzel restaurants serving three different meat schnitzels, we don’t mind. But we’re bored by the five places in Soho serving only ramen noodle soup. And we don’t like the sound of the risotto-only joint. What next? The Paella Palace? The Calves’ Liver Cave?