How to use simpleERB to launch a restaurant food delivery service

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Our simpleERB pre ordering feature was designed to save time for our restaurants and make their lives a little easier.

But one inventive restaurateur has concocted a way to use our pre ordering feature to launch a food delivery service.

The restaurateur in question realised he was paying a fortune to food delivery companies who delivered his restaurant’s food to offices.

Rip off fees

He realised if the offices used the simpleERB pre ordering service to pick their dishes he could organise the delivery via a local taxi company – saving a fortune on the rip off fees charges by the food delivery companies, who charged up to 25% of the bill.

Here’s how his ingenious scheme works:

Food delivery service

1 ) The person who is organising lunch uses simpleERB to make a booking for the number of people in the office who want to eat

2) Office organiser invites colleagues who are eating
3) Colleagues see the menu on offer and select their dishes
4) Organiser sends completed order to restaurateur with a request to deliver
5) Restaurateur prints order and gives it to his chefs who package it up
6) Restaurateur phones taxi company who deliver the food to the office.

Save time

Our simpleERB pre ordering service was launched to save time for office workers on their lunch break who need to eat and be back in the office.

Our service saves time and maximises efficiency for our restaurants, and makes life easier for kitchen and waiting staff by allowing customers to pick their dishes online so the food is ready for when they arrive.

Our simpleERb pre ordering service allows restaurateurs to to tailor their availability, menu and cut off time for when pre orders need to be made. (You can read a walkthrough of the process.)
Or, like our enterprising restaurateur friend, you can use it to tailor make your own food delivery service.