COVID-19 UK Diners Survey

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Stats to Give Restaurants & Hotels Some Relief? and surveyed 3700 restaurant goers, (all users of, to find out about their attitudes to dining out when restaurants re-open.

First observation is that 5pm restaurant goers are a keen bunch! When asked, “How often did you visit a restaurant in the 12 months prior to lockdown?" 60% said “Several times a month” and 8% “Several times a week”.

When asked, "How likely are you to visit a restaurant when they re-open?” -

60% said “Extremely likely”

21% “Very likely.”

…only 5% said “Not very likely” or “Not at all likely”.

To the question, "After an ease in restrictions, within what time frame would you want to visit a restaurant?"

33% said, “Asap”

32% said, “In the first month”

…and 24% said, “in the first 3 months”

There were very interesting answers to this question: Which of the following would give you confidence to visit a hotel, restaurant or salon when they re-open?

Here is what they said when asked, “What elements of the restaurant experience, if any, concern you when it comes to the transmission of COVID-19?”

There are good pointers here for restaurateurs wondering what to do to reassure their guests. “As a customer, how willing would you be to do the following at a restaurant?”

And with regard to behaviour and restaurant tech…. “In a restaurant, post-restrictions, how happy would you be to do the following?”

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