Man Down! New York bars & their secret vocabulary

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Are you a Franklin? Hopefully you’ve never been called a yelp-er?
If you’ve ever frequented the bars of New York you may have listened in to the bartenders’ chatter and noticed some strange terms being used.
The New York Times online has done a great piece on the secret vocabulary of some of New York’s finest bars covering making drinks, customers, colleagues and other minutia of the job.
Here are some of my favourites below and you can view the full list on  

Sniper – wears sunglasses indoors, at night
Johnny black card – big spender
Organaleptic – a drink that appeals to all five senses
Dirty pour – pouring the entire contents of a shaker (ice and all) into the serving glass.
Pharmacist – One who orders the most obscure drinks, with the most obscure specifications.