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A simple electronic reservation book

The simplest restaurant diary & booking management system available today.

Book guests in. Manage stay time. Set up sittings. Add socially distanced table plans. Take payments. Secure credit card hold. End no-shows. Plus lots more.

No Lock In

Free to get started

Easily affordable to keep using. Register & set-up your restaurant reservation systems quickly & easily.

simpleERB has a monthly contract with no lock in. You can pause your plan and restart at any time. You can downsize or upsize plan as your business goes up or down.

  • Cloud-based - no new hardware

    No extra hardware to buy. Works on PCs, Macs, Windows POS's and iPad. Multi user.

  • Backed with experience

    From 5pm, an award winning company that has processed millions of online restaurant reservations

Using simpleERB

  • Works on any PC or Mac, no special hardware needed
  • Works, beautifully, on the iPad
  • Get started in 30 minutes
  • Unlimited tables, areas, devices and users
  • Drag and drop reservation move
  • Monitor your restaurant remotely, live

Problems solved

  • Take bookings from the web, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram
  • Take payments and hold credit cards securely
  • Put an end to "No Shows" & late cancellations
  • Build a customer database
  • Handle a waitlist
  • Automatic SMS and email reminders to customers

Smart Stuff

  • Optimise your social media e.g. TripAdvisor
  • Special floor plans for Valentines Day, Xmas etc.
  • Handle those pesky coupon companies
  • Prepaid booking offers and ticketing
  • Special mobile view for greeters
  • Yield management
  • Great analytics
  • Booking cancellation policy

Restaurateurs love our system

We would love to help you save time & maximise revenue too

simpleERB pays for itself

Return on investment?
simpleERB can increase your profit

simpleERB can make you money by eliminating no shows.

Assuming a £/$/€20 spend per head, an average booking of 3 people and gross margin of 70% before staff costs.

A single no show booking that you can’t replace costs you £/$/€42.

Can you afford not to start a free trial of simpleERB?

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simpleERB in action

Check out some of the key features of simpleERB in this short video walkthrough.

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