Customers love Mac n' Cheese

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It would appear, going by recent research, that the child of this writer has been secretly in control of Britain’s menus. I know, it came as a surprise to me too. Alas, since 2010 (the year she was born), Mac and Cheese (her favourite) has seen it’s place on restaurant menus increase by 550%. Customers it seems, can’t get enough.
Some theories suggest that a return to traditional home cooked foods is behind the surge in popularity, but you can’t rule out the explosion of ‘American’ cooking whereby ‘Mac’ regularly appears as a side dish.
Some other interesting findings were that pizzas and burgers remain the favourites whilst customers are getting a better choice of vegetarian options than previously. The term ‘superfood’ is also much more widely used.
You may wonder if these trends matter, but it does give some sort of guide to how customers are viewing eating out and what they are looking for. At the end of the day, we’d all like to know our diners better.

know your customers

know your customersimpleERB is clever. You know that already. As well as all of the calculations it makes under the hood, it’s also blessed with a photographic memory. The handy thing about this is that simpleERB remembers your customers. Mr Fleming? Ah yes, he likes his red wine chilled and prefers to sit away from the bar. When you add notes about a customer, simpleERB remembers. The next time the customer comes in, simpleERB will present you with the info you’ve already noted meaning the customer feels at home and you can treat them (a bit) like family.
simpleERB also allows you to download your customer list at any time, so you can export them to your own mailing system for email marketing. You can segment out your customers based on date of booking or based on the quick info buttons, which you can customise meaning you can always stay in touch.