A deconstruction too far

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34CE162400000578-0-image-a-24_1464739753127We’ve quite enjoyed reading the storm in a teacup that the now infamous deconstructed flat white in Melbourne has created. Of course, foodies and non-foodies alike have always had strong opinions about the presentation of food, or drink in this case. Whether it’s the ‘We want real plates’ campaign against food being served on slates or chopping boards or the recent Masterchef cheesecake debate, everyone has got an opinion on the right or wrong way that things should be done.
However, was the ‘hipster’ flat white any different than the French serving steamed milk in a separate container when you order a cafe au lait? Was the issue maybe more that it looked like a science experiment?
What’s the most bizarre deconstructed meal that you’ve seen? Do you like serving deconstructed dishes?