simpleERB - Update Release 16.1

1 min read

simpleERB has made a few small updates and bug fixes.

Character limit counter for SMS

You can send SMS's that contain more than 160 characters, however, the maximum excess is 198 which equates to 3 SMS credits as the encoded message needs to be sent to the recipient in 3 segments. We have now created an SMS character limit counter that appears when typing a manual SMS to a customer to prevent using over the limit which stops the SMS from being sent. Find out more about this feature here.

Text change - Booking offers > Booking Options

We received some user feedback regarding the terminology of Booking Offers. As our users often set up Booking Offers for various booking types (fixed menus, ticketed events, room hire etc..) along with card/payment requirements, we found it was best to change this to Booking Options to ensure customers are not misinterpreting this. The word ‘offer’ could sometimes be referred to as a discounted promotion, which is often not the function our users will use the feature for.

SMS reply number - certain countries

We previously made changes to the SMS workflow to allow Canadian users to send an SMS which required a ‘reply’ number. However, we found that in some countries, this feature is not required to send an SMS, so we have created an admin toggle to change the workflow for individual accounts. If you find your SMS's are not being received, please reach out to us.

QR code - booking widget converter

We have added a QR code generator to the Booking Widget setting to easily obtain a QR code for your simpleERB booking widget. Use this on marketing promotions to give customers quick access to make a booking.

Update to booking widget display - Confirm booking page

We received feedback that the display on vertical/horizontal and mobile view of the widget posed issues with customers on certain devices. The issue was trouble locating the ‘confirm booking’ button to be able to proceed with completing their booking. We have moved the ‘confirm booking’ button to be displayed at the top of the page for easy visibility.

If we can assist you with any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us +44 141 846 1528.