SimpleERB Boosts Bisque Bar & Brasserie to a 1000 Reservations in Record Time

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Easy-to-use Electronic Restaurant Reservation Book Exceeds Expectations

The management of Bisque Bar & Brasserie at Edinburgh’s Bruntsfield Hotel has been celebrating after taking 1000 customer bookings in less than a fortnight using simpleERB, their new simple Electronic Reservation Book.

Powered by restaurant reservation veterans, simpleERB is a new cloud-based restaurant reservation system. A scalable solution, simpleERB offers valuable benefits to all restaurants whether they take 20 covers or 200.
In addition to 5pm’s guarantee that simpleERB is free forever for small restaurants, with no cost and no commitment, smaller operators like the fact that it is simple to set up and use. Larger operators benefit from its true multi-user functionality; its ability to take mobile reservations and the fact that it allows customers to pre-order their food; specifications which enable operators to streamline their operations as well as their restaurant reservations.
“The staff and management at Bisque Bar & Brasserie were already familiar with the operations of an online booking solution, having developed their own many years ago,” said Ronnie Somerville, CEO of
“However, we were pleased when they recently chose our simpleERB solution as the way ahead.
“One of simpleERB’s greatest strengths is that it is what its name implies: it is simple to set up and use but has the functions of our paid for competitors.”
Russell Imrie, Managing Director of Queensferry Hotels Ltd, the owners of the Bisque Bar & Brasserie, added:
“As early adopters of electronic reservation books, we have more insight than most restaurateurs when it comes this technology. As a result, we were very demanding when we reviewed the online reservation market.”
“The simpleERB solution exceeded our expectations in both functionality and simplicity. It has helped us to achieve a milestone 1000 reservations in record time and we look forward to many more successful bookings using simpleERB.”