simpleERB versus SeatMe versus RezBook

1 min read

The guys at SeatMe posted a useful blog about the benefits of SeatMe against RezBook.
We would like to point out that we think that simpleERB stacks up pretty well against both of them.
If you have a small restaurant , less than 20k covers per annum then simpleERB is totally free.
SeatMe say that:
“For example, while Rezbook can only be run from an iPad, SeatMe’s upcoming update will allow restaurants to access the same capabilities (i.e. floor management) from virtually any device with a web browser, removing the need for a dedicated device, and allowing you to access your restaurant’s operations from anywhere.”
simpleERB works right now on any web enabled device with a big enough screen, iPad, Android tablet, PC, Mac, Kindle.
In addition there is a dedicated Mobile View where door persons or kitchen staff can see a simple view only list of who is due in.
simpleERB comes from , a company which has processed millions of online restaurant reservations.