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There has been a buzz around industry blogs and forums recently about
what restaurateurs who had signed up for UrbanSpoon’s RezBook should
do now that OpenTable own RezBook and Urbanspoon and their contracts
are coming to an end.
Given that restaurants who used Rezbook probably used it to escape the
clutches and high fees of OpenTable, it is an interesting question.
Several players are pitching themselves to Rezbook restaurants.
simpleERB offers a unique proposition.
Free. For a year.
For small restaurants, under 20,000 covers per annum it is free forever.
Restaurants can set up and try simpleERB completely free. No credit
card required.
What else makes us stand out as a Rezbook alternative ?
It  works on iPads, Macs, PCs,Android tablets, PC based EPOS systems and Android tablets.
It is multi user, so no crowding around one device.
It is easy to set up, (a small restaurant can be up and running in
less than an hour.)
It has booking widgets for websites and Facebook pages.
It allows efficient table management, preventing overbooking.
It tracks customers allowing customer relationship management (CRM).
It can handle chain restaurants.
It is built by the people at who have handled millions of
restaurant reservations since 2000.
Some customer testimonials:
“Works like a dream”
– SvenskaKlubben,
“We can’t be thankful enough that we have found this free online
module to use.” –
–  Swiss Hotel Management School, London
Try it now!