Gordon Ramsay sabotage: why a paper restaurant diary is risky

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The Guardian:

“For almost a decade, the mysterious theft of a reservation book from the top London restaurant where Gordon Ramsay made his name has baffled the culinary world.
An unidentified man pulled up outside the Aubergine restaurant on a scooter, dived in, snatched the book – in the days before computerised bookings, a serious act of sabotage – and bolted.
Ramsay, then head chef, pointed the finger at his mentor turned nemesis, Marco Pierre White, who, he believed, wanted to depose him and take over the Michelin starred Chelsea restaurant.
The person behind the 1998 robbery was never identified. Until now. “It was me,” Ramsay has admitted. “I nicked it. I blamed Marco. Because I knew that would f*** him and that it would call off the dogs … I still have the book in a safe at home.”

Note the important words “in the days before computerised bookings”, and this piece was written in 2007!
Most of us back up our important digital stuff; our photos, our home movies etc. but today most restaurants STILL run a paper reservation diary. ONE COPY of which sits in the restaurant; probably out front next to the EPOS system and the phone. How vulnerable is that?
simpleERB is an electronic reservations diary so has your data backed up in the cloud, accessible whenever and wherever you want.
Are you still using a paper restaurant diary…?