How can Christmas party nights benefit restaurants?

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simpleERB has experienced a surge in enquiries this year regarding the optimal setup of their restaurant diary for efficiently handling Christmas party night bookings. With restaurants always looking for ways to boost revenue, we believe it's crucial to highlight the benefits of offering party nights to your customers this year.

simpleERB can assist in effectively managing these types of bookings using a few of our flexible booking management features. Find out how to set this up here.

Christmas party nights not only boost sales and improve cash flow during the festive season, they also have a knock on effect with repeat business and creating new long-term customer relationships.

  • Increase and secure revenue

Boost revenue through premium-priced festive menus and live entertainment. Taking prepayment for fixed menus at the time of booking through simpleERB, secures your restaurant's revenue for improved cash flow.

  • Boost cover capacity

Scheduling party nights early within the festive season can help boost covers on off-peak nights that may have initially had lower covers for normal service.

  • Encourage new and repeat business

Booking exposure to new and corporate customers to experience your restaurant's hospitality which in return may create return business for future private party celebrations and business events in hopes of converting to long-term customer loyalty. Use these new customers to market a special promotion in New Year’s off peak times as a thank you for attending their party night.

  • Improve customer spend per head through consumer behaviour

Taking an advance prepayment for a premium fixed menu could improve your normal spend per head in comparison to your normal average festive service spend. The common sales strategy of ‘anchoring bias’ could also increase a customer's dinner spend more than a normal a la carte consumer with a customer's behaviour of looking at a sense of value from the advanced fixed prepayment paid when booking.

  • Enhance social brand awareness and free advertising

Customers in the festive spirit will happily post their party nights on social media which may lead to free advertising or positive word of mouth creditable recommendations to their friends and family. Ask your customers to tag you in their stories or insta pics which you could report/share later on your socials.

Festive booking promotions are not limited to party nights. This year we have seen some restaurants change it up with; wreath making workshops, festive bingo and karaoke nights. If you are looking for more festive marketing ideas for your restaurant, see our post from last year here for some creative starting tips.