Why every restaurant should have a Manager’s Day Book

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It has always been good practice to use a Day Book or Manager’s Log so that shifts can communicate with each other.
The restaurant advice site restaurantowner.com has “Using a Manager’s Log” as its priority number one when setting out routines for the day-to-day running of your restaurant.

Manager's Day Book
Manager’s Day Book

Straight from ‘Diary view’, simpleERB lets you add important notes to the Manager’s Day Book to enable better communication.
As it’s cloud based, the incoming manager can see what’s in the book before her shift and the outgoing manager can update it when he wakes up in the middle of the night and remembers that important note he didn’t make 🙂
Advice from restaurantowner.com

“Begin using a manager’s log. One of the greatest challenges to restaurant management success is the ability to communicate incidents, messages, and other happenings from one shift to the next. For the last thirty or so years the tool of choice has been a standard daily. The approximately 8″ x 13″ “red book”, as it has been commonly referred to, can be purchased at any office supply. This particular version has an entire day dedicated to each page and the larger size accommodates lots of entry space.
Alternatively, several companies have created restaurant industry specific versions that allow operators to record daily sales, weather, and notes to each other. Regardless of which version you use, make a commitment now to begin using a manager’s log to document daily events, especially employee or customer incidents. For serious incidents such as a food poisoning complaint or an employee getting hurt on the job, you should have forms specifically intended to record such occurrences (i.e. Foodborne Illness Complaint form, Accident Report form, etc.)”