Kim Jong Un to open restaurant in Scotland?

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They’re both north of the border, both have had tussles with their bigger southern neighbour and have both made the news an awful lot in the last year.
But is there really going to be a North Korean restaurant in Scotland?

Kim Jonh Un. A man who looks like he likes a good meal.
Kim Jonh Un. A man who looks like he likes a good meal.

According to newspaper reports this week, infamous North Korean leader (dictator) Kim Jong Un is thinking of opening a restaurant in Scotland.
“The Scottish independence referendum catapulted Scotland into the North Korean elite’s thoughts,” Michael Madden, editor of the North Korea Leadership Watch blog, told the Edinburgh Evening News.
This story isn’t as initially crazy as it first sounds. The country’s holding company Haedongwha already owns a restaurant in Amsterdam and North Koreans are known to be big fans of whisky.
In fact the country was one of the only few in the world to openly voice their support of Scottish independence.
“Despite voting ‘No’ they’d consider left-leaning Scotland to be more suitable to deal with than England,” Madden said. “Plus, North Koreans love whisky. Tourists in North Korea are told to tip people in Scotch instead of the currency.”
Scotland’s biggest cities Glasgow and Edinburgh already host several Korean restaurants.
But whether they would welcome a take on the cuisine from their rather more rambunctious neighbour remains to be seen.