How to get a good review of your restaurant published on Yelp

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Us restaurateurs are a rather puffed up lot – when we get a good review we want it seen by as many people as possible.
In this day and age an integral part of this is ensuring said review is published on Yelp. Which as many restaurateurs know, is as easy as digging a ditch with a teaspoon.

Or you could always go down this option



Writer Mike Blumenthal, has a written a blog post on this subject with his recommendations on how to get a good review of your restaurant published on Yelp
With filtering rates as hight as 85% for first time Yelp reviewers, any help advice is much needed. Here’s Blumenthal’s recommendations:
1- Login into you Yelp personal accounts.
2- Click on the Find Friends link on Yelp
3- Start with your Facebook friends and identify any that meet the minimum requirements for total reviews or friends. Reach out to them and ask for a Yelp review.
4. Once you have exhausted your Facebook friends, upload your Gmail (or other) mail contacts and do the same.
5. Assemble the list of those likely to get reviews approved and reach out to them via email or Facebook.

Monitor positive reviews with simpleERB

simpleERB allows you to easily monitor positive reviews and encourage the reviewers to share them on Yelp, Trip Advisor and Facebook (you’ll need to be logged into simpleERB to see this feature).
You can add a link to the customer confirmation email which allows the customer to submit feedback to you after their meal.
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When you get a good review you can tick a box on the email copy which sends them a request to share their review, along with links to your restaurant Facebook and Trip Advisor profiles.
simpleERB helps make it easy for your restaurant’s rave reviews to be seen.