Google to launch foodie social media site "Tablescape"?

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When Google decides to put a lot of effort into something, it rarely fails to be a huge success (apart from Google+. Let’s just forget about Google+)
So when whispers around the net begin to surface that Google are planning another stab at the social media landscape, this time with a social network focused entirely on food, it pays to sit up and pay attention.

The leaked screenshots of "Tablescape"
The leaked screenshots of “Tablescape”

Community for foodies

“Tablescape” appears to be for a community for foodies “to make, share and discover amazing foodographs”.
It is believed to be an offshoot of Google+ but could also be a stand alone feature.
Such a move would continue Google’s focus on foodie following their purchase of Zagat and changes to culinary searches on Maps.
“Tablescape” would also give users a good reason to get involved with Local Guides, the again-renamed review branch Google created to take on the likes of Yelp and Foursquare.
Leaked screenshots show posts from users with photos of their meals, as well as tips for taking pictures of your food.
Within the navigation pull-out is the ability for users to access their “foodographs,” as well as featured posts, a dish of the day, and other opportunities to explore the social network.
The information was funnelled from an existing group for foodies on Google+ called “The Plate.”

Watch this space

At the moment “Tablescape” appears to just be tested within Google with no information as to when and how it will be launched to the general public.
All we can do is watch this space (or plate).