Five restaurant resolutions you should make in 2016

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Happy New Year! At almost two weeks into 2016, how are you coming along with your resolutions? Lost a stone yet? Gone to the gym every day? Saved a thousand pounds?
In all seriousness, January is the ideal time for a restaurateur to make changes. The madness of Christmas has died down and it’s probably the quietest time you’ll have all year. With the everyday chaos of running a restaurant leaving little time for reflection, it’s not a bad time to take stock of how you’d like to improve. Here’s the five restaurant resolutions we think every restaurateur should make for 2016 (and how simpleERB can help).
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Make your restaurant more efficient

The fast paced nature of running of a restaurant requires absolute efficiency and there is always room for improvement – any empty seat or time that could be spent more productively costs your restaurant covers and profits. simpleERB is packed with features that help run your restaurant more efficiently, such as:

  • Our simpleERB widget, which can be installed on your page, allows your customers to book online, cutting time spent answering bookings on the phone and adding them to your diary.
  • Our pre ordering service which allows your customers to pick their dishes online so the food is ready for when they arrive, saving time for your kitchen and waiting staff.
  • Our table management which means you can avoid twos on fours and make sure that your restaurant makes the best of its capacity at all times.
  • With simpleERB’s reporting features you can easily track your busy as well as quieter periods to predict future trends and adjust your staffing levels accordingly. This means you won’t have too many staff who don’t have much to do or too little staff struggling to get everything done.

Make your customer service the best ever

We know your customer service is already excellent. But simpleERB can help you go that extra mile to provide a personal service that will make each of your customers feel like an A List guest. simpleERB stores a complete database of all your customers and their preferences, ensuring that if Customer A is gluten intolerant and Customer B likes their steak well done, you’ll be aware of this before they arrive at your restaurant.
Customer C booked at 8pm in Friday night? A quick look at his simpleERB record shows he drinks sauvignon blanc and requests a table by the window. So why not pop a bottle of his favourite wine in the fridge and get his favourite table by the window ready? Details like this go a long way with customer satisfaction and only take a few minutes by checking simpleERB.

Take control of your restaurant reviews

It’s understandable why online restaurant reviews are a nightmare for restaurateurs; it’s chilling to have such little control over something that makes such a big impact on your business. However, simpleERB makes it easier for restaurateurs to manage their online profile and encourage more positive reviews.
simpleERB has a one stop option that allows restaurant owners to easily monitor negative reviews as well as encourage customers to share positive ones  on Yelp, Trip Advisor and Facebook (you’ll need to be logged into simpleERB to see this feature).
You can add a link to the customer confirmation email which allows the customer to submit feedback to you after their meal.
When you get a good review you can tick a box on the email copy which sends them a request to share their review, along with links to your restaurant Facebook and Trip Advisor profiles.
Our system allows reviews and ratings from diners to go directly to the restaurant, allowing negative feedback to be dealt with in house instead of on public review sites.

Get smart about your restaurant’s marketing

The rise of digital marketing such as SEO, email marketing, and social media has changed restaurant marketing enormously in recent years. It can seem overwhelming but the good news is, digital marketing allows you to target your customers and potential customers more effectively.
When a customer books a meal using simpleERB they enter their email address which can be downloaded from simpleERB at any time (providing they give permission for you to send them email). These email addresses are gold dust for your marketing campaign: customers who have already chosen to spend money at your restaurant.
You can also see how many bookings the customer has made so the customers who have only visited once can be tempted back with a promo code or special offer and the customers who have made many bookings can be kept up to date with new dishes and menu changes.
With simpleERB you can see where your covers come from, i.e. whether they book online, on the phone, or walk in. This is very useful information for your marketing – for example, if most of your customers book online you know it is worth spending time on digital marketing such as Google Adwords.

Get over your fear of technology

It’s safe to say the digital world is not going anywhere. Email and social media remain the most popular methods of communication, websites such as Trip Advisor are hugely influential to the restaurant industry, and many people now find it more convenient to carry out their tasks, including booking restaurants, online. If you’re an old school restaurateur, make 2016 the year you learn to utilise the digital world to your restaurant’s best advantage.
Our user friendly interface means that you can use simpleERB’s technology without feeling intimidated. To ensure we stay at the top of our game we do not rest on our laurels and are constantly working to develop simpleERB to make it better, more up to date and more powerful.