New Scottish Chocolate Box Infographic Launched for Valentine’s Day

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As a community of food lovers we appreciate a good chocolate when we taste one.
So when this gorgeous new infographic from our sister website was launched, it piqued our interest.
The infographic features a selection of chocolates made in Scotland.

Superfood chocolate

It aims to celebrate Scotland’s burgeoning chocolate industry as well as highlight the skill and variety on offer.
There’s everything from completely natural “superfood chocolate” to chocolate infused with Scottish gin.
simpleERB and 5pm Founder Ronnie Somerville said Scottish chocolate is worth celebrating this Valentine’s Day.

Celebration of Scottish chocolate

He said: “Our new Scottish Chocolate Box infographic highlights the wealth and creativity of Scottish producers.”

“Scotland already has a tradition of artisan craft food producers who focus on high quality ingredients and Scottish chocolate creators are a reflection of that.”

“This Valentine’s Day instead of reaching for a mass produced chocolate from a supermarket shelf, why not treat your loved one to high quality chocolate created by Scottish chocolatiers who pour their heart and soul into each delicious bite.”

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