How simpleERB can help manage your food festival

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Two of our Iceland partners are using simpleERB to manage their restaurant while they take part in a popular food festival.
APÓTEK and Grillið are both participating in the Food is Fun festival, a one week celebration of Reykjavík’s best restaurants.
Food and Fun Festival Iceland
Food is Fun involves world renowned chefs teaming up with Reykjavík restaurants to create a three course meal using only Icelandic ingredients.
The hugely popular festival has become internationally known, attracting chefs and foodie visitors from all over the world.
During the festival week, Reykjavík restaurants are packed with customers and there is a vibrant and bustling atmosphere in the city.

Manage your food festival with simpleERB

While food festivals are a wonderful way to celebrate a city’s culinary scene, boost your restaurant’s profile and attract new customers, any restaurant that has taken part in one knows how incredibly hectic it is.
simpleERB is allowing APÓTEK and Grillið to manage their restaurant bookings during the busy festival week.
Our reservation system is allowing them to easily prevent overbookings, manage big parties, and waiting lists.
The onscreen table layout also allows them to easily tables and keep track of them, preventing twos on fours and wasted seats.
As our Icelandic partners are discovering, simpleERB takes away some of the stress involved for restaurants taking part in a food festival.
Allowing them instead to relax and celebrate with others who enjoy their life’s passion – food.