Don't forget the ERB!

1 min read

We were quite interested to read this guide on setting up a new restaurant but couldn’t help notice that there was little focus on technology or indeed, researching an ERB. Of course, we’re a little biased in this area but we do think it’s important. As well as all the bricks and mortar stuff, you should spend time looking at how technology is used in your business. The old days may often be labelled as ‘good’, but tech has massively improved how we work and reach people.
An ERB, like simpleERB, can help you save time and keep your business as organised and efficient as possible. As well as avoiding common issues such as ‘2’s on 4’s’, simpleERB allows you to individually tailor your restaurant. An ERB can help you with table availability, turn times and allocation depending on how your restaurant is running that day. simpleERB can also provide you with a booking widget for you to place on that shiny new SEO-optimised website. We’ll even do you a widget for your Facebook account which we’re sure you are successfully using to engage your followers!
simpleERB also gives you instant access to your customers database, so you can connect with them via emails (on your well-researched email marketing programme!) anytime you want. Our ERB can also encourage interaction through direct customer feedback which you can then ask the customer to post on your social media sites.
It’s extremely important that you set your business up well from the outset but using technology to keep the business running smoothly could prove just as important in the long term.
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