simpleERB restaurants on TV

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Each Friday on the BBC here in the UK, chef Rick Stein has been taking us on a journey around some of his favourite cities and what they offer for lovers of food. Week 1 in Bordeaux looked lovely but it was last weeks episode in Reykjavik that really piqued our interest.
Not only does the city of Reykjavik look beautiful and seem very friendly there also seems to be an abundance of great food to try, although we’d maybe forego the fermented shark. We felt a little flutter of pride as Rick dined in two restaurants, both of who use simpleERB to manage their reservations.
Firstly, he visited Matur og Drykkur which means food and drink in English and enjoyed a warming bowl of ‘Halibut soup’. Later in the episode, he dines in Dill, a ‘restaurant with attitude’. The goose and charred cauliflower dish he is served looks fantastic.
Of course, we assume Rick found booking tables at these restaurants very easy and quick using the simpleERB booking widget.