How to set up another restaurant area

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We don’t get a huge amount of sunshine here at simpleERB HQ in Scotland but over the last few weeks the office thermometer has soared and we’ve noticed restaurants nearby setting tables up outside wherever they can. We thought we’d give you a quick how to guide on how to set up another restaurant area in simpleERB.
The locals have been lapping up the sun with a bit of al fresco dining and it got us thinking, maybe some of the simpleERB restaurants have outdoor dining areas which they only use for a small part of the year.

Add outdoor dining to your table layout

How to set up another restaurant areaWhen you initially set up your simpleERB account you’ll add areas which will then allow you to add tables to them on your table layout. We know that some of our users leave out their outdoor terrace or seating area because of the rain in Berlin, or the snow in Tallinn but you can add these areas and close them off whenever you aren’t using them.
Once your area is set up, you can go to the area settings which is within simpleERB’s advanced settings, and close out any dates you don’t want bookings on those tables.
If you don’t want bookings to be taken online at all for these tables, you can click the no web booking button next to the tables when you are setting them up initially in table layout or tailor your web booking availability in your web widget settings, also under the advanced simpleERB settings. This leaves you to manually assign the bookings to outdoor tables as they come in and saves you the hassle of keeping track of a different area outwith simpleERB.
This method can also be used for adding bookings who are ‘sitting at the bar‘ during busy times at the restaurant. You may not want let people book these tables, but you might want to have the area and the option to place people there, to maximise your availability.
As always, if you have any questions, just drop us an email on And as our sunshine fades away here in Glasgow, feel free to send some warm weather our way too!