Set minimum time between booking & arrival in widget

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Setting a minimum time between booking & arrival is one of our neat new features. Set minimum time between booking & arrival in widgetIt allows you to set your online booking widget to only accept bookings a certain period of time in advance.
We’ve said it before but with smartphones commonplace it has never been easier to book a table at a restaurant whilst standing outside and then to walk in 30 seconds later.
Whilst we know that you’d like to have as many customers in the restaurant as you can accomodate we also realise that you might need time to prepare for a table coming in or that you might not have had time to update your diary with the latest walkin booking.

How to add minimum time between booking & arrival to online bookings

To add a minimum time between booking and arrival to your online bookings, go to the widget settings in your simpleERB account and select an interval from the list of times.
This has been one of our biggest feature requests to date. If there’s anything you’d like to see as part of simpleERB, drop us an email!