Latest simpleERB updates - Dec 2016

1 min read

We just wanted to let you know about a few updates which we’ve made over the last few weeks. They will probably be the last updates this year but we have loads planned for 2017 and always like to hear if you have any ideas.
As well as squashing the odd bug here and there, we’ve added the ability to add walkin bookings on the mobile waiter view, we’ve fixed the rankings by cover amount and we’ve added additional responsiveness to the horizontal widget so that it looks better on mobile sites.
If you visit on your mobile device, you might have noticed in the past that it just listed your daily bookings. Naturally, the smaller screen means that we can’t display simpleERB on mobile the same way we do on a desktop or laptop, even iPad. However, we challenged our designers to add a bit of usability to the mobile site and the first thing we have added is the ability to add walkin bookings via mobile. Using simpleERB on a phone was always meant to be something which we envisioned front of house staff using to check in customers. Adding a walk in booking is the next logical step for us. What else would you like to do on mobile?
We’ve also tidied up table ranking by cover numbers so that as well as having a general table ranking with all your tables, you can also view your rankings by a certain amount of covers, for example, what order are tables of 4 allocated? This should help you make it easier and more clear for simpleERB to allocate tables.
Finally, using the horizontal widget? Many of you are. You might have noticed that viewing the horizontal widget on a mobile can lead to quite a bit of pinching on your phone screen as you try and zoom in and out. Some websites that aren’t properly optimised didn’t really like the widget all that much but we’ve made some changes to the widget which will resize it based on the size of screen you are viewing it on.
As we said, there’s a lot more in the pipeline and if you’ve got an idea for something you’d like to see in simpleERB, drop us an email on