simpleERB Release 15.6 

2 min read

You may have noticed over the last week a few recent tweaks and changes were made to the live site. Some of these are small fixes, however, we have added two new changes to improve efficiency. 


Widget Suspends – View only current suspends with an option to view older

To avoid a long list of historical widget suspends piling up in this setting and to prevent newer suspends from getting missed, we have updated the viewing option. Only the current and relevant suspends will be presented to you and if you require to view older suspends, you can see these via the ‘show all old suspends’ blue button.  See our article about it here for more information.

Cancellation Emails – Now sent to telephone customers

We have now set up an auto-send cancellation email to be sent to any telephone customer (with a listed email) that calls the restaurant direct to cancel their booking. This will allow customers to have a record of the cancellation.

Closed Tables – Dropbox now lists the table’s restaurant area

When closing off specific tables for certain time slots, we have added in the dropbox the tables restaurant area. This way you can easily identify and close off tables without having to remember where they are positioned.

One Button Autofill – Quickly book in a returning customer

simpleERB already has customer matches and the option to auto-fill in individual details fields, however, we have now added in a one-button auto fill. When booking in a returning customer, if you have a match from the database you can now click “yes this customer” which will quickly input all the customer details fields along with quick info and if they have opted in for marketing with a simple click of a button. See our help article here.

Deposit and Card Capture with Stripe integration – Now SCA compliant

After a couple of teething problems at launch, our Stripe integration for customer payments within simpleERB (deposits/card capture) is now in line with the new SCA (strong customer authentication) regulations. This means that customer’s payments will be processed smoothly and don’t decline due to banks not authenticating the transaction.

Report Name Change – Forward covers

We have changed the name of the Forward Bookings report to Forward Covers, as the report is showing the number of covers and not bookings.

Removing Customers Email – Confirmation email URL

In the reminder email sent to customers, the confirm booking URL was pulling the customer’s full email address. We have now removed this from view.

Bug Fix – Analog time discrepancy for last order time in dropbox

We noticed that in the ‘last order time’ dropbox on a couple of settings was showing midnight as 0 am and noon was 12 pm. We have now fixed this to show the correct time.
We are working on a few other things to improve the current settings and also have some great new features in the pipeline for the turn of the new decade 2020. We love to hear feedback and your thoughts on how we could improve the service for you, so please let us know (