simpleERB Update - Release 15.7

3 min read

We launched an update to simpleERB earlier this week. You will see there are a couple of noticeable changes to current settings we hope you find helpful.

Bug Fix – First name only customer data being overwritten

We were alerted that if a customers booking was being entered into the diary with only a single first name and the auto-fill feature was not being utilized, simpleERB was overwriting the customer data with the new details entered. This has been fixed to stop this and the new one button auto-fill launched in the last release will make it easier to use your current customer database.

Forward Covers Booked – Tweaks to data surfaced

We found that the report was pulling walkin covers in both data ranges. This was not the correct data you require for forward planning as you need to know what is booked in place and not going to be picked up on the day. This has now been fixed so walkin covers are not surfaced and we changed the title to ‘covers’ instead of ‘bookings’. You can find our help article for further information here along with the report setting link here. We really recommend that you give this feature a spin if you have not.

Restaurant Areas – Help text edit

We noticed that some people were getting a bit confused about the ‘box’ in the restaurant area setting for allowing multiple areas to only open for bookings of X covers. This was preventing some restaurant who filled it in to get bookings. We have added some more explanatory text to tell everyone to leave this blank if they only have one area in their diary.

New Report Stat Box – Cover usage

We thought it might be handy to have your cover usage visible in the stats section of reports for a quick view alongside your booked cover. This helps to monitor if you are going to run out of covers in the billing period and may need to look at upgrading your plan.

SMS Booking Reminder – Changes to sending abilities

We had a request to tweak the current SMS booking reminder (if text credit has been purchased), so that texts could be sent out to set minutes/hours prior to the booking date. You can now auto send SMS reminders; hours/minutes, days or both to all your booked customers with a listed mobile contact. The message also now addresses the customer by name to make it more personable.

Cancelled Bookings Report – Records which user cancelled

In the cancelled booking report, we have now listed next to the booking, a record of which staff user has cancelled this. This could be helpful to surface if you needed to find out why it was cancelled. You can also now see in this report if a customer has cancelled this booking via the cancellation link in a booking email.

Bug Fix – Usage cover discrepancy

simpleERB was doubling up cover allocation and showing the incorrect cover usage in the plan usage setting. This is now resolved and all cover usage is now being presented accurately, so you will no longer be surprised or wondering why you have ran out of covers when the setting was still showing covers unused.

Recorded Notes – Update of how any notes/changes to bookings are recorded

The biggest update in this release is an overhaul on the way booking notes/changes are recorded in the customers individual booking place (IBP). We found that previously, customer notes could be lost in a sea of booking changes. It was also hard to identify important notes in historical bookings that would be worth having the ability to view when the customer is booking or at the booking. To see more on the new design layout, see our help article here.

We hope you are still seeing the benefits to your business in using simpleERB as your booking diary. We are excited for what the new decade and future developments are going to bring to the system. Don’t forget to check out our social pages – or As always, we are keen for your feedback on how we could improve this service for you, please get in touch at