New feature coming soon to simpleERB - Contact Tracing

1 min read

We are excited to let you know about a new feature coming soon to simpleERB: CoVid contact tracing (GDPR compliant).

If the authorities where you operate require you to obtain and hold the contact details of diners for Covid contact tracing, simpleERB will be able to easily help you with that. In the feature, you will be able to choose the data fields that you are required to collect and the length of time they are required to be stored for. If the authorities want a report they can obtain it from us along with a table plan if applicable to help them prioritise tracking.

The data is deleted from our servers after the period of time selected by you. This is GDPR compliant.

How it works:

  • Any person placing a reservation in simpleERB will receive a link that they can distribute to the people in their party to fill in.
  • "Walkin" guests ordering in your restaurant will be able to enter their information securely on their phones at the table, accessing from a password protected URL or barcode on the wall of your venue.
  • The data will be held securely in our data centers and will be invisible to your staff, apart from the lead booker's basic booking information that they would normally be able to view.
  • It will be deleted automatically after the time limit required by your authorities.