How can simpleERB settings help restaurants with the new service guidelines for reopening?

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We have received a number of queries lately enquiring about the best way to use simpleERB settings to deal with “the demands of CoVid” when reopening for service. A lot of these requests have been driven by new customers now requiring a booking service due to government guidelines. While most of these requests have been easily resolved with simpleERB's features that can help solve 30+ of the most common restaurant problems, a few of these repeated queries have required us to look multiple settings working together to reconfigure the way normal bookings would be taken.

The most common new requests have been; adding a cleaning time to the bookings stay time, booking timeslots used as sittings, and customer ability to identify where they wish to be seated. All of these queries can be resolved by combining a couple of simpleERB's settings together.

We have compiled the following Help articles to assist with setting these up in your simpleERB account.

How to add a "cleaning time buffer" to your table turn time.

The ability to add extra time to the default turn time for your staff to clean down the table before the next booking arrives and still ensure customers are notified of the time you require the table back.

How to configure booking time slots including a “hard limit” of covers to a sitting period.

Change your diary's normal booking time slots to specific times and add the ability to set a “hard limit” of covers at set times. This will allow you to comply with Government regulations about maximum capacity.

How online customers can inform you where they would like to be seated.

We have two ways customers can let you know which area they would like to be seated in the restaurant. For example; inside / outside.