How simpleERB is helping a restaurant monitor customer B2B booking referrals.

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At simpleERB, we get quite a few unique requests for reports, booking requirements, and management features that restaurants are hoping we can assist them with. Each restaurant has its own unique processes and with the help of simpleERB’s various features, we are able to normally find a suitable solution.

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

We had a restaurant user contact us enquiring how they could use simpleERB to monitor bookings being made by customers from nearby B&B’s in the area. The user has an alliance with neighbouring B&Bs within the area, by which the B&B recommends the restaurant to their customers who are staying with them as a place to dine and assists with getting them booked in.

The user was inquiring about the ability of a notification on the booking of which B&B the user was coming from along with being able to surface the information for report statistics.

simpleERB’s flexible and very versatile feature of ‘Booking Offers’ was the best solution for this restaurant as the feature could offer them the following;

Allows the B&B staff to book in the customer, taking the hassle out of the B&B customer's hands. The B&B could also pass this to their customers within confirmation emails or add it to their own business website.

Restaurants may also wish to have a special booking promotion or discount as an incentive for the B&B customers to book.This could also be listed in the private offer so that it’s only offered to those customers.

  • Set an allocation

Users can set an allocation if they are looking to make a booking target or promotion for the B&Bs to use as an incentive for.

  • Notification on customer booking

The booked offer (B&B name) allows staff to quickly see in the booking place or Diary view that the customers are staying at a specific B&B as the booked offer is recorded.

Using the Customers Export report, the restaurant can easily surface the customers who have booked each individual B&B offer to use this information for further promotions.  

simpleERB thinks that this restaurant's partnerships with nearby B&Bs is a fantastic marketing tool for them as it taps into consumer booking preferences and habits. According to a UK 2020 restaurant insight study, ‘67% of the respondents claim that word of mouth influences their booking choices and 66% stated that they make a booking based on location’. Other studies have also shown that ‘91% tried a new place based on recommendations as opposed to 68% of consumers that made a booking as a result of considering positive online reviews and 41% based on positive feedback from social media’. This highlights the importance of this unique B2B partnership that can gain restaurants new customers.  

If you are looking for your booking system to provide assistance with a unique requirement, please reach out to us ( simpleERB booking offers are also used by users in various ways, they can also be used for one off events, competition bookings or promotions. To sign up for a free trial, click here or you can view our full feature list here.