simpleERB Update - Release 15.8

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simpleERB has recently had some feature updates and small bug fixes. Please see these outlined below.

New: Enforced process for deposit and card capture booking rules

We had a lot of requests to make the payment feature for deposit/card capture to be mandatory for customers when confirming a booking due to customers abusing the flexible process of adding this at a later stage.

For widget bookings, if a payment rule is required, the customer will not be able to proceed and confirm the booking as the payment field is now located within the widget booking process.

For telephone bookings, the customer will still receive an email with the secure payment link, however, if the required details are not supplied by the specified due date list on the email, the booking will be auto cancelled in your diary.

To see more information about the process, please click here.

New: Customer Deposit receipts

Customers paying a booking deposit can now tick in to receive an email copy of the receipt. This is also downloadable after a successful payment from the booking screen and from a link on the booking confirmation email.

Deposit report changes

As deposits are now enforced, we have added a new criteria to show all the bookings that have been auto-cancelled in the diary due to the customer not supplying the payment requirement prior to the due date. These appear when ‘Unpaid Cancellations” is selected.

Existing bookings prior to the payment update, with payment requirements, will not be auto-cancelled and will still need to be monitored to ensure the customer has supplied details. To be able to monitor these bookings on the old payment process, we have now listed the source for any new bookings to be ‘enforced telephone’ or 'enforced widget’.

HTML text link available in custom settings

We have added the ability to add hypertext links in any of the settings where you can display custom text. For example; booking offers, customer messages and customer feedback social post requests. This can help you directly link a customer to a pre order form, to view an offer menu or to your preferred site for reviews.

Small Bug fixes

A few automotive email notifications were failing to send which included; invoices, PDF backup bookings and cover limit notifications. This has now been resolved and emails are now being sent.

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