simpleERB - Update Release 16.0

1 min read

simpleERB has had a small update with a couple of tweaks and new features.

Fix to the mobile contact number field

There was bug with the mobile contact number adding additional international codes to the front of the number. This has now been resolved for new customers added. Any existing customers with this issue will need to be manually updated and saved in the booking.

Fix to mobile contact field in reports

Some users raised that the mobile contact field in exported reports could not be formatted correctly in Excel. The field has been amended in our reports to resolve this issue.

New - Stop online widget bookings for same day at set time

You can now in the widget availability setting, set the widget to prevent same day bookings being made from a certain set time. For example; close widget from same day booking after 16:00. Please take note this edit stays in place recurring until you remove/cancel it in the setting.

New - Private bookable offers are available to book when the widget it closed

Previously, private booking offers could only be booked if the widget had live availability for all bookings. You can now use a secondary widget link to give to customers for private offers which are bookable when the widget availability is closed off. This is helpful if you are running a special ticketed event and the restaurant is closed off from public bookings.