What makes a good restaurant guest survey?

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A la carte food service consulting have a good post about what makes a good restaurant survey.

Export customer data screen
Export customer data screen

We would certainly agree with the benefits of conducting restaurant surveys; you’ve gone to the effort of attracting customers to your restaurant, you want to keep them coming back, as well as attracting new ones, so finding out what makes your customers revisit is essential.
What you learn from the survey can be used in your marketing messaging to attract new customers.
We would recommend SurveyMonkey.com as a tool; it’s free (like us 🙂 ), very easy to use, provides excellent advice on setting questions and there are lots of options on the types of questions you can set (e.g. multiple choice, free text).
From the reports section in simpleERB, you can easily export your customer data in order to conduct your restaurant guest survey (shown in image above).