Do you capture the contact details of EVERYONE in a big party?

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WomanEatingDinnerRestaurantLunch_iStock_000006334841SmallYou know that you can make your restaurant more profitable if you can capture your customers’ emails and market to them. That’s why you are using simpleERB or considering using it. simpleERB makes that stuff easy.
However, there is one type of situation where you may still be missing a trick.
The “Big Party”.
The birthday bash, the corporate night out, Christmas parties.
10, 20, 40, 50 people – maybe more.
And you have only one email address…the person who organised and made the booking.
What is a super efficient restaurateur marketer like you to do?

Comments cards!

Customer review form
Customer review form

Yes the old fashioned comment card has a role to play in these sort of scenarios.
If you already send out review requests to your customers from simpleERB, simply copy the questions in this review. You can get this by either making a test booking yourself or there’s an example on the right.
Copy or edit the questions, add in a section allowing customers’  to put in their contact details (you don’t want to miss out on that email address!), format as a comment card and send it to your friendly printer.
Get small cards printed with an enticing message on the front like, Win a meal for 2 at [your restaurant name] to incentivise .
Put these out on the tables of the big parties with dessert.
Voila! Instead of one email address you have 10, 20, 40 or 50.