How to...split sitting times

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As we head into the holiday weekend (here in the UK!), we thought we’d share a quick tip with you about how you can split up your normal opening times if you want to operate ‘sittings’ in your restaurant.advpartialopen
Lots of our users contact us and ask if they can amend their opening times on a certain date so that they only allow bookings at very specific times. An example of this would be if on a Sunday you usually opened for lunch between 12pm and 3pm however, because it was a holiday, you might be doing a set menu and want to have the first set of customers all arriving at 12pm and then the second sitting of customers arriving at 2pm. Can we do this with simpleERB? Yes!
partialopensWithin advanced settings, you’ll see the opening times tab and within this you’ll be able to select partial open times. The times you enter here will override your normal opening hours on the date you specify.
Very simply, you select the date you wish to partially amend and the times that you wish your diary to be open. If you are doing sittings just make the last order time the same time as your opening time and then set the close time for a timeslot just before your next sitting. Make sure that your turn time fits into these sittings otherwise you might find that the timeslots will be closed.
Repeat these steps for your second sitting time. Your diary will then only have the 12pm and 2pm slots open for customers to book. Your simpleERB diary will also reflect this.
Have a great weekend and if you’ve got any questions or are looking to solve a problem, just email us at